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Evil Cannot Enter Heaven: In Support of Ukraine is a chapter of Evil Cannot Enter Heaven which is a non-profit organization that has been providing support to Ukrainian people, hospitals, foster homes, etc. since the revolution in 2014.

Mission Statement


We maintain and support peace, calm, law, and justice in Lviv during its most difficult times these past weeks.
We act exclusively within the framework of the legal field, adhering to the principles of moral responsibility and observance of citizens’ rights.


Protection of the City

Our volunteers have organized together to begin patrolling the streets daily, searching for saboteurs and marauders, to try and help maintain a calm daily state of living for our citizens.

Volunteer Work

We are actively working on sending over any and all necessary materials needed to the front lines where there is active war raging, and are doing everything necessary to deliver medical supplies with haste for hospitals treating both civilians and soldiers.

Spreading Information

We are trying to spread awareness and information to our maximum potential about the Russian invasion into Ukraine to all the Ukrainian consulates and embassies across the globe, as well as other volunteer organizations.